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Meet Your Sisters

Let our passion for kickball become yours! We look forward to getting to know each and every one of you. In the meantime, here's some  information about us.


6th Season Vet

Position: Charger/Crasher
Hobbies:Enjoys going to the gym and traveling

Favorite Food: Seafood

Career: Teacher
I love playing kickball because... it's competitive, its fun, and it keeps me in shape!


5th Season Vet
Position: Right Out Field
Hobbies: Traveling, going to the movies, passionate about working with children in different capacities
Favorite Food: Seafood

Career:  Self-employed
I love playing Kickball because... It allows me to bond with other women and keeps me in shape!


5th Season Vet
Position: 1st Base
Hobbies: advocating on behalf of foster youth, going to church, exercising, and traveling
Favorite food: seafood

Career: Health Scientist

I love Kickball because... it's a sport you can really learn and grow with, its fun, and provides an opportunity to network.

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